How quickly things change! In just over a year, the University of California went from requiring standardized tests to omitting them altogether from its admissions considerations, at least until 2025, when it may decide to introduce its own exam.

As a result of a recent legal settlement, the UC system cannot reinstate the SAT or ACT at all, and if in the future it creates its own test, it must “consider access for students with disabilities in the design and implementation of any such exam.” It’s unclear whether the UC system will embark on authoring its own standardized test.

So the UC’s will be test blind for the next few years at least. Now what?

Here are 6 important takeaways for you and your teen:

1. Be prepared for larger applicant pools.

2. Get used to a new deliberation system aimed at equity and diversity.

3. Expect more focus on high school courses.

4. There will be even more attention paid to personal characteristics.

5. Focus on who you are and your passions rather than jockeying for a specific major.

6. A more subjective approach to admissions is probably here to stay.

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