Dr. M leads a team of distinctive mentors who bring decades of teaching, admissions, and writing experience to their work with Blue Stars students. She selects academic counselors through a rigorous application process (very much like an admissions journey) that includes several essays and interviews. After getting to know each finalist well, she chooses those most qualified to put her high-performance, holistic methodology into practice. Dr. M then personally trains each counselor through an in-depth apprenticeship program. As a team leader, she makes sure her staff remains up-to-date on the latest admissions trends and news. She and her team collaborate closely as a group, exchanging information and insight, on a regular basis.

As a result, Blue Stars counselors are not just outstanding editors and mentors. They are also superior strategists and life coaches who excel at helping students find their unique path to college while gaining confidence and calm along the way. It is with great pride that Blue Stars introduces Full-Service Counselor Sara Brody.

Sara Brody Blue Stars college counselor

Sara Brody is a writer and educator with extensive experience mentoring students in preparation for college admissions and success in academia. She holds an MFA in Fiction and an MA in English from San Francisco State University’s prestigious creative writing program, which she was invited to join after her success in her undergraduate studies. At SFSU, she was awarded the Clark-Gross Award for Best Novel and the Jim Highsmith Award for LGBTQ Playwriting. Sarah has published several short stories and essays in literary journals, and she loves bringing her creative writing background to the college essay process, encouraging students to utilize literary craft tools to optimize the quality of their work.

Sara’s approach to the admissions process focuses on building confidence and intellectual curiosity in young people, while also empathetically helping students navigate the various stressors in their lives. Since college admissions can be daunting, she aims to demystify the process, break down goals into navigable steps, guide students in activating their talents and interests, and offer holistic support throughout the journey. Having taught writing at the university and high school levels, Sara values creativity and work ethic equally, driving home the point that methodical, dedicated work towards a goal must accompany talent in order for a student to truly reach their full potential. When not working with students, she enjoys urban hiking, reading and writing fiction, and spending time with her cat.

What do you most love about guiding students through their admissions journey?

I love helping students zero in on their interests and work confidently towards their goals, dispelling fears about the college admissions process. When a student starts out feeling unsure about a direction for their future, I enjoy sparking a creative exploration of ideas, and I love to challenge students who have a clear sense of their passions already, inspiring them to dig deeper and keep learning.

What kinds of extracurricular activities look best on applications?

Extracurriculars should ideally reflect a student’s true passions, not just “look good” on the application. Students who pursue extracurriculars in line with their interests will be more deeply engaged, and they should have plenty to say about their experiences when it comes time to write essays.

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