I began my college application process in 2014.

I had attended a total of four different community colleges. As an adult learner who had to work full time, there were time gaps in my education. Without very little guidance from my counselors, I found it difficult to create a compelling personal statement. I also did not have clarity as to what I wanted to study or why. In 2017, after two unsuccessful rounds of applications, I found Dr. M and Jennifer Pence.

Dr. M and Jennifer’s creative and strategic approach helped me every step of the way. We began with several brainstorming sessions and they encouraged me to start from scratch. They guided me through my school and major selection and they helped me build a very strong art portfolio and personal statement.

I remained open to their feedback and they motivated me to view my work and myself under a completely new light. My art portfolio never looked better! My personal statements expressed a narrative that stood out. I never expected such great results during my third round of applications. Out of the nine colleges I applied to, I got accepted into eight. All of them offered very generous financial aid packages, including honor scholarships from two prestigious art schools.

Dr. M and Jennifer’s mentorship also led me to consider a different field. In the fall, I’ll be pursuing a BA in American Studies at UC Berkeley. My work with them took surprising turns and their insight helped me broaden my perspective as to what education truly is. It’s not just a degree. It’s way to remain inspired and to create meaningful impact in the world. As a first generation, non traditional student, my family and I will be forever grateful. Their work is highly strategic, innovative, inspiring and life changing.

– Nicole B., Blue Stars alum