I recommend Blue Stars with my full enthusiasm! Dr. M has been coaching my daughter since she was a freshman in high school. In the past 3 years, not only had my daughter had regular one-on- one meetings with Dr. M for her academic work and extracurricular activities, but with Dr. M’s support she has also developed key interests and intellectual curiosities. Each year, my daughter and Dr. M worked closely and proactively to plan her course selection, sports and club activities and summer programs so that she could stay ahead of the game and pursue unique and exciting programs and activities in line with her interests and aspirations. The college planning service my daughter participated in at Blue Stars has made a significant impact on her success both in and outside of class, and got her to where she is today as a senior in high school.

As my daughter started preparing for her college applications, she continued to work with Dr. M and her staff. The Blue Stars staff provided us with extensive research on the list of reach schools, target schools, and safety schools for my daughter based on my daughter’s academic rigor interests. We have had several helpful discussions with Dr. M on admissions, academics, majors and program details, as well as the cultures of schools to make sure that my daughter gets the right schools and right programs. We strategized together with Dr. M and her staff about school application and essays so that my daughter was confident in preparing her application and knowing her support system was in well in place. Overall, my experience with Dr. M and her team at Blue Stars has been very positive. We very much appreciated the guidance, support and help they’ve given to our daughter. Thank you and we wish you continued success!

– Jane, parent