When you become a junior, the pressure really builds up to do something really useful with this last summer before applying to college. Consequently, most kids apply for summer programs. However, there are only so many programs and only so many spots available. When I was at the stage of applying to all of these programs, I truly panicked, and that’s where Dr. M came in. She had already tutored me for the SAT and helped me achieve a perfect score of 800 in the writing section. However, when she began to help me with summer program essays, I truly understood what Dr. M can do. After talking to you for just 10 minutes, she will get you to remember things in your life you never would have otherwise thought about. She then uses those (seemingly) minor, hidden stories to show you how important and relevant they are for a solid, attention-grabbing essay. To me, Dr. M was truly an amazing coach and mentor. She helped me get rid of my worries and in the end, into Yale’s Discovery to Cure: High School Internship Program, which accepts only 20 students a year! Moreover, Dr. M never lets you be satisfied with a second or third draft. She makes sure that you constantly push yourself to create an essay you did not know you were capable of. Overall, Dr. M is a one-of-a-kind and dedicated coach who will always be there for you. There are probably not many others as hard working and committed to their students’ success as Dr. M!

– Hansaa, Summer Research Program Applicant