I’ll never forget the scream that came out of my daughter’s room. Panic set in and then I heard: “Mom, I got accepted to U Mich!”

“Call Dr. M and tell her the good news now!” I shouted back, my heart full of happiness. Yes, Dr. M, my daughter’s college consultant for almost five months, is the person who made all of this happen. Without her, the best bet for our daughter would have been a school outside of the top 50.

While my daughter is a very good student, she is not extremely competitive. And so, when we began the admissions process, my husband and I thought that whatever schools she could get into would be fine with us. We then found out about Dr. M from my daughter’s friend, who had just got into Penn with Dr. M’s assistance. At first, we did not think we needed her help, but my daughter’s friend insisted that we should at least meet Dr. M. Needless to say, that meeting changed our lives forever.

Dr. M took care of everything for us—from choosing schools to editing essays to filling out all of the applications, etc. What is most amazing about Dr. M, however, is her ability to find a person’s inner strength even when that person is not aware of it or does not know how to use it for applying to colleges. Also, Dr. M never writes essays for her students; instead, she guides them through brainstorming, outlining, and drafting, and then works closely on revisions. In other words: she does not package a poor product to sell for a good price, but rather lets the truth of each student speak for itself.

If you get to work with Dr. M, she will provide a progress report after each session to keep parents informed. Here is just one example:

We have completed all NYU supps. What is left is to create a new 150-word common app essay. We are moving on to BU!

Next tasks:

Finishing touches on UC, a few tiny things to do
Leslie research BU and comes up with ideas for supp essay
Cut 6 words out of UC essay
New comm app 150-word essay for NYU

In the end, the good news kept coming, and we are just thrilled. Every day seems like a holiday to us. To use my daughter’s words: “Life is really good now.” Hiring Dr. M to be my daughter’s admissions consultant is one of the best things we’ve done in our lives and we’re really grateful for that.

THANK U AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Wendy & Jason, Parents of Undergraduate Applicant

PS: Amy told us that if our daughter started early on in the process, she’d get better results, and we totally believe her.