The two years I spent with Dr. M have enriched, matured, and shaped me as a person and student.

Working through Skype or Google Hangouts (I live on the East Coast), Dr. M successfully counseled me through my school work, SATs, applications for summer programs, extracurricular activities, and finally, the dreaded college application process. Her upbeat personality and perfectionist work-ethic effectively pushed me to improve myself and become a more attractive college applicant. Before I began counseling with Dr. M, my grades in school were beginning to slip. However, during my junior year, while juggling SATs, extracurricular activities, and school work, Dr. M managed to work out a perfect balance (she even laid out a beneficial sleeping schedule for me, who used to be a night-owl, prone to five-hour long ‘naps’!). Everything Dr. M did blended and transitioned nicely into one another, from SATs to summer programs to college selection to the essay and application process. When it comes to choosing majors and editing essays, she brings a plethora of knowledge on many subjects and knows exactly how to present you in the best light. Dr. M brings out the best in you and uses your talents to your advantage. Thanks to Blue Stars, I was accepted to my top-choice school, Swarthmore, ED! To future high schoolers: Dr. M and her team of writing coaches will change your life. The earlier you begin with her, the more you’ll grow and reach new heights.

– Jill, Undergraduate Applicant