I began working with Dr. M relatively late, during September of my senior year. I had reservations about working with a college admissions counselor, because I had heard horror stories about students whose counselors had snuffed out their individuality. Working with Dr. M and Garth was nothing like that. From the first meeting, through the craziness of making EA deadlines, to the final stretch of winter 2013, Dr. M and Garth focused on bringing out my own individual strengths and experiences, finding the key stories that highlighted what I uniquely have to offer.

Blue Stars goes beyond introducing you to colleges in your best light; in many ways, it introduces you to yourself. Before working with Blue Stars, I didn’t think of myself as any sort of leader, but as I sifted over my high school experiences with Dr. M, she identified my increasing leadership roles as a key strand of my admissions profile. Having picked out the most important and salient parts of my story, Blue Stars then helped me craft essays that would convey those stories to universities.

The Blue Stars method offers expert guidance and keen editorial judgment while also pushing students to develop their own writing skills. I did not think it possible to cut down the first draft of my Common App essay (which was over 2000 words long) so that it would fit within the 650-word limit, but with Dr. M’s counsel, we managed to do so, reducing length while only concentrating, not diminishing, the meaning. Evidently it worked: I was accepted into all of the Common App schools to which I applied. Thanks to Blue Stars, the most stressful part of April was deciding which of two dream schools I would attend! (Final choice: Stanford.) Bottom line: Blue Stars will show your uniqueness and potential both to you and to universities.

– Camille, undergraduate applicant