Blue Stars helped my child get into MIT successfully. But for me, Blue Stars helped her much more than just with her college applications. Blue Stars helped my daughter find an internship opportunity in summer and throughout the year so that she could learn how the real world operates and learn from her peers that her school GPA is not the only thing that matters. She also got to learn that it is fine that you don’t know it all in the beginning. As long as she puts in the effort and learns while working, she can master anything and accomplish whatever she tries. Blue Stars also guided my daughter in doing school research, choosing school applications, and prioritizing her efforts. It was a learning experience she would never have otherwise obtained by herself. These are life skills that people need to master, in college, in work, and later in their lives. With help from Blue Stars, my daughter became more mature and independent. We are confident that she will perform well in college after observing her improvement from working with Blue Stars.

I am really happy that we made the decision to ask Blue Stars to help my child get through the whole process, and recommend that similar families meet with Blue Stars!

– Anna C., Parent of Blue Stars student