To all who are browsing this website: working with Dr. M will be a decision you will never regret. Dr. M is the best editor and advisor I’ve ever worked with! With regard to college counseling, she took the time to thoroughly brainstorm ideas with me, even if I felt like I had no more ideas left. She provided unique perspectives and asked detailed questions to fully understand me as a person, which was really helpful for writing college applications. Despite the rigorous work ethic that was required of me while working with Dr. M, it was all worth it. She asked me questions about my life and tried to understand me as a person, and while I vocalized my activities and passions, I also got a better understanding of myself and who I am. Every session was productive, and I definitely learned how to be a better writer. With Dr. M’s guidance, I was admitted to my dream school, Columbia University! I didn’t think I would have been able to finish a handful of college essays on time, but Dr. M made it possible. Her editing style may be rigorous, but she pushed me to create amazing pieces of writing. I highly recommend Dr. M to any high school student who wishes to pursue higher education.

– Kelly, Undergraduate Applicant