Dr. Morgenstern wasn’t just a college consultant who helped my son correct essays for grammatical mistakes; she was there to truly understand him so that his essays shined. I really felt she could take something we had originally thought was very ordinary for him, just something we almost took for granted, and expand on it in a significant way to fill out those college essays to show who he is. It seems almost as if she speaks the language of the admissions committees and knows exactly how to pull out those little quirks from someone and squeeze everything into a couple paragraphs.

While it is natural to be anxious and worried as a parent, especially during college application season, Dr. M helped us get through the process easily. She always kept a detailed record of every session from beginning to end, and she updated us via email. Dr. M was able to take care of everything, from researching a particular school to student questionnaires and helping my son prepare for interviews, making him really stand out at the most crucial moments. We would have been unprepared for all the little details that add up to the grand scheme of the college application process if not for Dr. M, and we’re really grateful for everything she’s done for us. We could not have done it without her; she’s really focused on the tasks at hand, and the acceptance letters prove it!

– Sarah, Parent of James, Undergraduate Applicant