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Preview Dr. M’s lecture, College Admissions the Calm Way

The college admissions process is constantly evolving, and it can be extremely challenging for parents and students to navigate admissions on their own. The Bay Area can be particularly competitive for high school students, as evidenced by the many stressed out teens and parents Blue Stars has encountered! This is why Dr. Amy Morgenstern is making it her mission to inform parents on how to succeed in college admissions while staying calm, strengthening family bonds, and contributing to their child’s personal growth.

Blue Stars invites parents from local organizations and companies to meet with Dr. M for a private lecture event. Click the button below to contact us and arrange for a talk, or watch the video to get a preview of Dr. M’s lecture!

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Dr. M’s lecture includes

  • Unique student success stories

  • Tips on what top schools look for (it’s not what you think!)

  • Tools for organizing you and your teen

  • Downloadable resources from Blue Stars: Parent’s Guide to College Planning, and College Prep Plan

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“Blue Stars finds a person’s inner strength — even when that person is not aware of it — and shows that student how to use it for applying to colleges.”

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– Undergrad applicant admitted to Stanford University
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About Dr. M

An award-winning writer, former professor of philosophy, and honors program associate director, Dr. Amy Morgenstern (affectionately known as Dr. M) has masterminded a distinctive college coaching practice that ushers students to their dreams schools while keeping parents calm. Since 2010, her company Blue Stars Admissions Consulting has rivaled the most credentialed high-end admissions firms in prestigious college acceptances. Dr. M guides her team in administering a high-performance, life-coaching style of counseling that leads to profound personal growth and an exciting array of college, art school, and grad school options. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an MFA in contemporary art.

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